From the Headmaster

Devin O'Donnell

Devin O’Donnell

St. Abraham’s aims to come alongside parents and nurture the faith of their children by offering a discipleship oriented classical education. Our hope and goal is that by teaching all subjects from a Christian worldview, our students’ faith and understanding of the world will be rooted in God’s word. Not only that, by offering a discipleship based education, we seek to teach our students to think of themselves like disciples, each equipped with unique gifts. As they discover these talents, we encourage them to see themselves as more than just another member of the workforce. We encourage them to see that they have been given specific abilities to meet the unique challenges for the rest of their lives.

As we raise our children in the Lord, our ultimate trust is not in any particular parenting techniques (though those can be important), but in His kind promises. There are many places in the scriptures where God promises not only to show his kindness to us, but also to our children (Ex 20:6, Ps 103:17). This is truly good news! As we seek to come alongside parents and assist them by offering a discipleship oriented education, we recognize that much of the fruit we seek in our student’s lives is only work that God himself can do. While we work, and pray, and counsel, and teach our students diligently, we firmly believe it is only by the power of His Spirit that our students will grow in love and worship him. We also believe it is His delight, and He even promises to do such work.

Over the last few decades, the Church has had a difficult time holding onto its children past high school. Unfortunately, much time, energy and money is spent on re-evangelizing kids who left the church after going off to college. So how do we counter-act this pattern? We equip them with the mindset of impacting our culture with the power of God. And we enable and encourage them to withstand the challenges of life that come during college. These challenges are both spiritual and academic, and a solid Classical Christian education covers both.

And so here we are pouring into the lives of these children because we believe it will be fruitful for them, but also for many generations to come. The impact that happens in these important years lays foundations for glorifying God with all of their lives for all of their lives. And we see His promises continue. Promises, like the one’s noted below, remind us that this work of heart-change in our children is something God is pleased to do.

In mille generations
Psalm 105:8 “He remembers his covenant forever, the word that he commanded, for a thousand generations…”